Through our partnership with a team of language, media, and post-production professionals, Font Translations offers a complete range of services to complete your film/video, gaming, or multimedia project.

Script Preparation

Font Translations can prepare your script for production in film, video, gaming, and other mediums. We understand the needs of different media, and have experience working with script software to transcribe, translate, adapt, localize, and time code your copy to fit your specifications.


Font Translations is keenly aware that dialogue is meant to be spoken and heard, rather than merely read. If you provide us with source material on video or other mediaan existing video or other production source, we make sure that we translate, adapt, and narrate dialogue keeping its precise oral and dramatic value foremost in mind. We use diverse voice and directing talents for best results. With the assistance of industry software, we also record foreign-language voice tracks with time code and allow a shadow of the original voice-track to be heard in the background. This creates the possibility of extremely specific feedback and fine-tuning for our projects, in order to best serve our clients.

Post-Production Studio

Studio assignments are supervised by a bilingual studio director to ensure accurate production and placement of text, and for last-minute editing. Font Translations works with multilingual engineers who have state-of-the art recording studios at their disposal, in order to meet the highest standards for editing foreign language productions.

Subtitling / Captioning

Subtitling / captioning is truly an art form in itself. Here linguists must not only condense spoken messages while keeping their essence, but do so with careful sensitivity to dramatic rhythm, timing, and effects (including those of sound and music), to match the total meanings in the original audiovisual source. Font Translations’ team provides these services using the latest advances in software, which allow the client to have several options for displaying text.


Font Translations partners with casting services to provide a pool of language talent that includes experienced, native-speaking voice-actors in most languages. We can send you voice samples for your review before you decide on the best talent for your project.

Output Formats

Audiovisual output formats include: AVI, BetaSp, CD, DAT, DA-88, Digi-Beta, Digital 8, DVD, Flash, High8, MOV, MP3, MPG, RAM, Super 8mm, ¾ U-Matic, VHS (all formats), VOX, WAV, etc.


Dubbing involves a particular adaptation of the original script, to select words that match its specific ordering and meaning, and are then used to approximate speakers’ lip movement in the original picture. Font Translations has experience in the different stages of this process, and produces dubbing that is sensitive to the target audience’s preferences—not only linguistically and culturally, but in terms of the media reception this audience is accustomed to.the audience is used to from a variety of sources.

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