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Document Translation

FONT TRANSLATIONS carefully chooses its translators for their proven record of performance in specialized fields.

All of our translators are native speakers of the target language and are fully certified or credentialed. They have a minimum of 5 years of experience in their specialization, and are practical in their approach to translation.

We assign each project to a Project Manager who supervises a team of linguists, editors, proofreaders and desktop publishers who polish your translation, ensuring consistency of language and style.

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FONT TRANSLATIONS provides two main types of certified translations: those that are certified to meet government and institutional requirements, and those for a legal setting.

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You may consider these services if you have a translation, transcription, website, or any other source material whose language quality needs to be checked or improved.Font Translations is often commissioned to proofread and edit translations prior to certifying that they are accurate and faithful to their originals.

We can also provide our clients with translation and style guidelines and glossaries for internal use and to ensure consistency in published materials.

We can typeset your document in every language and in the desktop publishing (DTP) language of your choice.We also use software to work with printable texts and transfer their typesetting, DTP, or graphic design to websites and multimedia —or vice-versa, i.e., from the latter back to “straight text”.

Translation is the conversion of words and their underlying ideas from one language to another. Localization includes all aspects of transforming a product or text so that it is rendered natural and acceptable to its target locale. This may include conversion of dates and times, changing font sizes to accommodate expanding languages, or even page layout and design elements to harmonize with local standards and practices.

Localization may be useful not just for targeting foreign markets or audiences, but also for reaching different immigrant groups and cultures within the country. Whether you need to market products in Puerto Rico or the Southwest border region, or to get your message across in Asian neighborhoods from New York to LA, Font Translations will localize your language so that it achieves its desired effect for its target audience.

In some situations clients may need to have texts summarized or prioritized, to determine if given documents or messages need to be translated, or if only certain parts of them need to be translated or summarized.Summaries and triage can help clients reduce costs, while improving a project’s workflow and focus.

HablaVideo - Remote Interpreting

FONT TRANSLATIONS’ sister company, HablaVideo, provides Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI), which are revolutionizing how language services are delivered. With just a few clicks, you can have an interpreter at your location, on demand, confidentially and securely.

HablaVideo will guide you through the simple technical requirements and setup needed for remote interpreting to work in your specific setting. Visit HablaVideo to learn how the service works, the benefits it can have, and the care we take in enhancing its quality

Recording Transcription & Translation

FONT TRANSLATIONS’ linguists typically translate and/or transcribe audio and video recordings in a two-column format, for easy comparison of the source and the translation.

Our linguists are screened and tested, receive special training, and are assigned to recordings based on their cultural and linguistic/dialectical expertise.

All transcription/translation work is certified after undergoing a rigorous quality control process, with review by at least two proofreaders/editors.

Our transcription-translation work has never been challenged successfully in a forensic setting.

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a) transcripts of source audio;

b) translations of source audio without the transcription of the source language; or

c) transcription and translation in a two-column format, for easy comparison of the translation.

The two-column format is the one recommended in forensic settings. Transcript formats can also be modified to meet a project’s specific needs, such as for analysis of specific passages; transcription of video, multimedia and website audio sources; and multilingual transcription-translation.

We have extensive experience in working with the audio enhancement of recordings of poor quality, and with various forms of intelligibility analysis, including in collaboration with attorneys, investigators, consultants, and other parties.

When engaging in video source “T & T”, Font Translations understands the need for a careful study of the image’s relationship to the sound to be transcribed. This is why we insist on assigning linguists who have extensive professional experience with film, multimedia, or video work to handle our video transcription projects.We can present video source transcripts in numerous formats, including those used in forensic analysis and/or non-linear editing software.

Clients may sometimes benefit from reports on the quality of transcripts, and on linguistic or cultural issues in a foreign language recording. These reports are generally admissible as legal evidence, especially if they closely reference source content. In the interests of exactitude, summaries of audio and video recordings are usually not admissible as translation evidence in the United States judicial system; however, when used for internal purposes, both reports and summaries can save a client time and money, while improving a project’s focus. When necessary, Font Translations provides them on their own or as a complement to a verbatim transcript.

Font Translations offers consulting and expert witness services with respect to challenges to transcriptions, translations, and interpreted courtroom records. We also provide instruction and consulting on the preparation, evaluation, and use of transcripts in a forensic setting.

Please contact us for a discussion of your needs in this field.

Web, Multimedia, & Ad Copy Projects

FONT TRANSLATIONS can help you translate your source materials, your creativity, and your vision across all media.

Whether you are seeking to research and execute a marketing campaign through different social media, or wanting to sell a film or video game in another corner of the globe, we are ready to help, offering you not just language, but also cultural and technical expertise for your project.

We’ve put together brief descriptions of our specialized creative work in the sub-menu below. You’re welcome to take a look at them, but by all means, please feel free to contact us for an initial consultation on your project’s needs.

Related Services

Website translation and localization requires specific technical expertise, including a detailed knowledge of users’ online behavior (navigation, keywords, favored search engines, etc.) and experience in working with a vast array of document, audiovisual, and graphics formats. Our project managers and translators are attuned to working with all of the major desktop publishing, graphics, and web-development software.

Font Translations’ team of linguists also collaborates with advertisers, researchers, journalists, programmers, and other professionals to help identify and resolve localization issues with websites, such as design, color, and text-encoding for non-Latin alphabets.

Transcreation and adaptation are required when text or advertising copy needs to be freely rewritten to adapt it linguistically and culturally to its target culture or environment. When performing transcreation and adaptation, Font Translations’ goal is not to write messages or copy for clients, but to convey their existing ideas in such a manner that the target audience believes that they were written with them in mind —because they were.

Font Translations can prepare your script for production in film, video, gaming, and other mediums. We understand the needs of different media, and have experience working with script software to transcribe, translate, adapt, localize, and time code your copy to fit your specifications.

Through our partnership with a team of language, media, and post-production professionals, Font Translations offers a complete range of services to complete your film/video, gaming, or multimedia project.

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Before you embark on your web, multimedia, or advertising project, consider the services of a consultant who can help you make the right linguistic and cultural decisions.

Linguistic/Cultural Consultants are native speakers who are also familiar with the dynamics of reception in the target locale. They can, for example, ensure that your chosen advertising medium is effective, that a web site is well-received by your target audience, that software help files are culturally acceptable, and that all your published information reads as though it were created by a native speaker—because it was.

Linguistic and cultural consulting can not only spare you from the unpleasant consequences of a bad decision — it can also be a very fun and enriching process, adding even greater levels of creativity to your projects.

We Work With You!

As your translation partner, your project is always our priority. Your dedicated Project Manager will ensure that your needs are clearly identified, and that your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest possible standards. Your Project Manager will maintain an open line of communication with you, while at the same time synergizing all the pieces of the translation process –the translator, the proofreader, the editor, the desktop publisher– to ensure the best product possible.

We also work with you, each step of the way, to make sure our Remote Interpreting services are convenient and efficient. This includes providing initial orientations and demonstrations, videoconferencing equipment sales and technical support, training for your staff, and assistance with special project settings such as multi-language conferences.

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