Certified Translations

There are two main types of certified translations: those that are certified to meet government and institutional requirements, and those for a legal setting.

Government / Institutional Certified Translations

Certified Translations may be required by U.S. immigration, educational, health, and other institutions or offices. These translations typically require at least the first 3 of the following 4 elements:

1) The certified English translation must be on official company letterhead paper showing the name and address of the translator/translation company. 2) The complete word for word translation of the original text formatted as closely as possible to the original text. 3) A statement signed by the translator or translation company representative attesting that the translator or translation company representative believes the translated text is an accurate and complete translation of the source document. Sometimes this statement bears the title “Certificate of Accuracy.” 4) Often, there is also a requirement that the translation be notarized, through a statement signed before a Notary Public.

Legal Certified Translations

Font Translations offers certification of all transcriptions and translations for admissibility into a court of law, including U.S. District Courts. The certification attests to the accuracy and completeness of the text to be presented in legal matters, and to the credentials of the translator. We also offer certification and/or notarization of documents in non-U.S. courts, and for legalization under the Hague Convention, by working with translators and notaries officially qualified to provide them.

Certification & Notarization Advisory

It is always advisable to obtain the latest published requirements for certifications and/or notarizations of translations to be submitted to government or institutional offices, whether in the U.S. or abroad. Send us this information as part of your order, and we’ll make sure your translation complies with all of the specifications indicated.

Certified vs. Credentialed Translators

Font Translations works with certified translators wherever possible to provide our clients with certified translations. Usually these are translators that cover language pair combinations certified by the American Translators Association. We also employ translators certified by other professional organizations and government bodies abroad.

However, certified translators are not available in all languages, in which case we use credentialed translators and provide a statement in which Font Translations, as the translation provider, attests to its accuracy.

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