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Font Translations Statement of Solidarity with Puerto Rico

At Font Translations, we are in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico and of so many parts of the world who are suffering under the scourge of the Corona virus. In the case of Puerto Rico, added to this burden are the tribulations caused by earthquakes, hurricanes and human blights such as corruption and the seemingly endless string of political and financial crises ravaging the island.


In one sense, it’s easy for us as linguists to come up with interesting, beautiful, moving words to describe catastrophe. We are ever so educated and, frankly, ever so fortunate to be able to work remotely from the safety of our computers as hundreds of millions of people suffer extremely.


So we shall keep this statement brief and to the point. We believe that this is a time for volunteer work and also, for the legal, language services, and other services to come together to figure out how to help others in need and how to prepare to offer relief to others when future disasters arrive.

That’s solidarity not in words, not in action. We hope to be telling you more about this in our blog posts soon. Until then, thank you for sharing our thoughts, and  may you be well and in peace.

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