Links for Efficient Donation to Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane María’s devastating effects on Puerto Rico, many people have asked how they can help and reach out to those affected in the island. Access to funds, potable water and foodstuffs is still limited, and given the logistical complications involving the distribution of federal aid and the dire situation of the electric power system, recovery will be a slow and challenging process.

We have compiled a brief but useful list of links to foundations that would benefit from our contribution. These are grassroots, non-profit organizations that have been carrying out significant work in Puerto Rican towns that have been affected by systemic inequality even before Maria, as is the case of Loíza, Puerto Rico, where some people had already lost their homes after hurricane Irma.

The proceeds gathered by Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund ,  and the México and Puerto Rico Resilience Fund , will be allocated in their entirety to organizations such as Taller Salud, Casa Pueblo or El Departamento de la Comida en Puerto Rico, who are fully committed to providing food and relief on the wake of these disasters, and promoting rebuilding efforts and sustainable community practices (such as local agriculture, public health awareness and work with marginalized groups in society.) We also recommend donating to Iniciativa Comunitaria, a group that offers health services to the homeless, drug addicts and HIV patients on the island, and which has set up several clinics in Puerto Rico to assist communities that have lost their local hospitals.

We encourage you to read the descriptions of these organizations and contribute in any way you can. They are not mediated by local or US political parties or large corporations or charitable organizations that sometimes dilute the impact of donations.

We are also including Resilient Power Puerto Rico , a fundraising campaign aimed at reestablishing electric power through solar panel technologies. It is an initiative born in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the Rockaways, NY, and interested in promoting sustainable energy in Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund 

México and Puerto Rico Resilience Fund 

Iniciativa Comunitaria

Resilient Power Puerto Rico 


Thank you in advance for your time and support.

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