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Legal & Commercial Translation

At FONT TRANSLATIONS, we have over twenty-five years of experience translating a wide variety of commercial and legal documents. Our linguists have provided high-quality translations for some of the United States and Puerto Rico’s top law firms, financial institutions, and major corporations.

From a pool of highly qualified competitors, our services have been selected for numerous translations, totaling thousands of pages, in cases filed before the United States and Puerto Rico Supreme Courts.

Our legal translation team includes licensed attorneys and court interpreters with a wealth of real-world experience in different areas of law.

We certify translations according to the needs of the client (whether for internal records or as proof before a court or government agency) upon request. We can also provide notarized affidavits or certificates of accuracy for submission to a court or for legalization under the Hague Convention (for more on certification, click here).

In addition to written translations, we can perform sight translations and provide summaries. We can also provide our clients with translation and style guidelines and glossaries for internal use and to ensure consistency in published materials.

Our translations achieve accuracy not just in content, but also in formatting, facilitating comparison with sources.

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